Fees and fellowships

Fees: €1.000 (*) Includes food and lodging in 4-star hotel (half board: breakfast and dinner), teaching materials, welcome package.

(*) Fellowships covering most or all of the fee are available for most admitted participants


Fellowships will be assigned in the form of a fee reduction. For the “Student Fellowships”, the following reductions will be applied:

  • Bachelor (“triennale”) and Master (“magistrale”) students. A minimum fee reduction of  €700 will be applied (i.e. fellowship recipients will only pay a maximum of €320). 
  • PhD students. A minimum fee reduction of  €500 will be applied (i.e. fellowship recipients will only pay a maximum of €600).

The following “Student Fellowships” are currently available for students* (more fellowships may become available):

  • 4 “DIA” fellowships reserved to students enrolled in the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste.
  • 4 “Giacomo Ciamician” fellowships reserved to students enrolled in the University of Trieste
  • 4 FVG student fellowships reserved to students enrolled in Universities of the Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia, other than the University of Trieste
  • 6 student fellowships for students enrolled in any other University

(*) To be eligible for any of the above “Student Fellowships”, applicants must be students enrolled in a bachelor (“triennale”), master (“magistrale”), or Ph.D. (“dottorato”) course. Recent graduates (less than 1 year) are also eligible. 

Further fellowships and fee reductions may be granted, depending on available funding. Availability of additional fellowships is published on the website as soon as available.

Fellowships assignment procedure

Fellowship assignment will be based on a ranking list based on the applicants’ Curriculum Vitae. For each fellowship category, the best ranked applicants will be awarded the fellowships. Applicants are advised to read the Maximizing my chances section.
Fellowship recipients who do not confirm participation by the deadline of May 20th 2022, will be excluded and the fellowship will be reassigned to the next best-ranked applicant.
Fellowships that cannot be assigned for lack of eligible applicants meeting the minimum English knowledge and/or background requirements, can be assigned in a different fellowship category. The criterion of assigning the fellowships to the best possible ranking candidate will be followed.

NOTE: Recipients of any fellowship will be accommodated in shared rooms.