Maurizio Fermeglia

Maurizio Fermeglia, former Rector of the University of Trieste, is one of the founders of the School.
Full Professor of Process Engineering at the University of Trieste where he works since 1984. Former Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Information Technology and Director of the Ph.D. School of Nanotechnology. Professor Fermeglia’s area of research is on multiscale modelling for materials design, life science and sustainable processes. In particular his research interests are focused on phase equilibrium and applied thermodynamics, process design and simulation, molecular simulation, nanotechnology, nanomedicine and life cycle assessment.

Lecture: A sustainable future is based on E3: energy, environment and employment

UNEP defines sustainable development as the means of improving the quality of human life while living with the carrying capacity of the supporting ecosystems. The definition infers that great attentions should be given to all three sectors: environment, economy and society. In this context a sustainable development must consider with great attention the evolution of the three main scenarios; the energy production, the effect of global warming and biodiversity loss on environment and the future of employment with respect to the new jobs. These three aspects are closely related and their evolution must be carefully considered together. The growing demand of energy produces more greenhouse cases that reflects in a irreversible damage of the environment which in turn changes the social life. The lecture presents the main aspects of energy productions from fossil fuels and renewables and their effect on climate. It also focuses on the jobs of the future considering the changes of the scenarios due to the changes in the energy production and environmental effects.