Maximizing my chances

We look for dynamic and smart people, willing to challenge themselves and to take on the challenges and the opportunities that the world is now offering.
Evaluation will be based solely on the CV. A short statement (max 200 words), in English, MUST be included within the CV, to emphasize any peculiar aspects of your education, career, personal experience, or your personality, that you deem relevant for admission to the School (e.g. energy-related aspects of your experiences or education).
The following are some of the key elements that will be evaluated, and they should be clearly emphasized in your CV:

English proficiency: ability of understand and actively participate to the lectures is required. Use of the European language level (CEFR) self-assessment is recommended. A B2 level or better is advised (take the self-assessment test here).
Background and education: technical or scientific background is preferred, particularly in engineering, applied physics, chemistry, geosciences. However, applicants from all backgrounds will be considered. Background and education will be weighted differently based on the applicant’s current career stage.
Current career standing: students enrolled in master (“magistrale”) and PhD courses, early-stage professionals, young entrepreneurs will be considered preferentially. However, applicants at all career stages will be considered.
“Energy people”: expressed and\or proven interest in pursuing a career in energy-related subjects, and/or experience in energy-related issues will be considered preferentially.

Note: despite the above preferential criteria, diversity is considered a value for the School, and participants with any kind of experience and background are encouraged to apply.

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