Vincenzo Ferreri

Vincenzo Ferreri is the Country General Manager of Sonnen Italy.

Vincenzo has a master’s degree in electronic engineering and he developed a strong experience in multinational company in the electronic market. He is a member of the board of the Association ANIE and is very active in the promotion of renewable energy and of the opportunity offered by energy self-consumption and energy sharing.

Lecture: Blockchain and Storage Systems

The energy system of the future is decentralized and based on renewable energies. This will not only result in new business models, but also in new challenges for grid operators. Since power is increasingly generated by households or small, private producers, it will initially have an impact on the distribution grids. The installation of energy storage systems and the implementation of the blockchain technology aim to optimize grid stability at the basis.

Sonnen is already promoting the use of blockchain technology in the energy sector in Germany and is ready to test it also in Italy.