Vanni Lughi

Vanni Lughi is associate professor of materials at the University of Trieste. He received a PhD and a MS in Materials from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he worked on functional thin films and coatings. His current research and teaching activity focuses on nanostructured materials for energy-related applications (see naME Lab), such as for photovoltaic cells. Recently, he started researching more systemic and interdisciplinary aspects of photovoltaic systems and renewable energy sources. Over the past few years he has led or participated in a number of energy-related projects funded by public institutions as well as private companies.

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Lecture: Energy supply chain

The lecture starts by framing energy as one of the main challenges that the world is now facing, and by outlining its complexity – including the strong interconnection with other important global issues. I will then describe the fundamental structure of the energy supply chain, from the sources to the consumer, and will provide key data about global current energy production, consumption, and trading.

Lecture: Energy Indicators

I will define and exemplify some of the important indicators for measuring quality, impact, and cost of energy – i.e. the fundamental tools for guiding long- and short-term decisions about energy policies and technology Investments.

Lecture: Current photovoltaic technologies

After an introduction about the physics of photovoltaic devices, I will describe the current commercial photovoltaic technologies: crystalline silicon-based modules, and CdTe, CIGS, and amorphous silicon thin film-based modules. By pointing out the shortcomings of a specific technology, I will show what scientists and engineers have devised for overcoming such shortcomings and inspiring the new technologies. I will close with a brief overview of some important emerging Technologies.