School on Energy “Giacomo Ciamician” Open Badge

Open Badges look like images, readable by every computer, but those images also contain metadata about the competencies that each specific badge represents and about the person that owns it.

Every badge is unique and tells something about you: something you know how to do, something you have taken part in.

Starting this year the successful participation to the Summer School on Energy “Giacomo Ciamician” will reward you with an Open Badge!

The holders of this Badge are able to:

  • Critically evaluate solutions for energy systems at a global or supranational level, considering both technological and economic and social aspects;
  • Identify and set up a critical assessment of potential solutions for the supply and use of energy for specific local situations, considering both technological and economic and social aspects;
  • Effectively communicate to both technical and non-technical stakeholders the benefits and potential issues of various possible solutions, in a specific situation, for energy supply and utilization systems.

The holders of this Open Badge have strengthened their communication skills through extensive guided discussions on the topics addressed during the School. They also have enhanced their creativity through guided challenges proposed during the School, aimed at identifying and critically evaluating various possible solutions in terms of energy supply and utilization in specific situations.

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