Romeo Danielis

Romeo Danielis is professor of applied economics at the University of Trieste.  He has taught Regional Economics, Transport Economics and Logistics, Industrial Economics and Policy and Applied Microeconomics. He chaired the Italian Economics Society of Transportation and Logistics (SIET), directed the la Rivista di economia e politica dei trasporti, has been Managing Editor of the international Journal Trasporti Europei\European Transport.

Lecture: Electric cars, total cost of ownership and market prospects

Decarbonising transport is the accepted goal at European and national level. It is still under debate whether and how it could be achieved. Yet, it is radically transforming the automobile industry. The presentation will review the recent investments and business models proposed by the leading manufacturing firms with reference to vehicles (cars, vans, buses, trucks, ships, and airplanes), batteries and the charging infrastructure. The second part of the presentation will discuss the public policies (e.g., standards, carbon tax, Emissions Trading Schemes) from a theoretical and applied perspective.