Matteo Fermeglia

Matteo Fermeglia is Assistant Professor in International and European Environmental Law and Post-Doctoral Assistant at Hasselt University, Faculty of law, where he teaches European Environmental Law and European Climate & Energy Law. His main research interest lies in the interplay between international investment law and the climate change legal regime. In 2017, he was visiting scholar at Columbia Law School, where he collaborated with the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investments. He regularly (co-) authors internationally peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of environmental and climate law, and was awarded the Raúl Estrada-Oyuela Award for Emerging Scholars in Climate Law in 2017 by Lexxion publishers. 

Lecture: Regulating the energy transition in the EU in turbulent times

The need to rapidly curb greenhouse gases emission from energy production lies at the core of the energy transition towards innovative, renewable energy sources while phasing-out 20th century, brown economy fossil fuels. Such efforts are mostly driven by ambitious policy frameworks and regulations to support the ongoing steadfast technological developments of renewable energy generation as well as other low-carbon solutions to foster, among others, energy efficiency and carbon removals. 

However, to regulate the energy transition comes with several constraints and challenges. This talk will therefore unpack the legal and policy tenets of EU’s regulation and law-making while looking at its developments over time to provide insights about the key difficulties and restraints that come with adopting ambitious and far-reaching solutions to the energy transition against the unfolding climate change crisis.