Mario Mezzarobba

Since 2014 Mario Mezzarobba is a Research Fellow at the University of Trieste and has actively taken part in several research projects for the dimensioning, design, prototyping and testing of electromechanical actuators, components and systems. His main research interests are in the field of electrical machine design and optimization, power electronics and control, e-mobility.

Lecture: Electric vehicle technologies

Mario will give an overview of e-mobility for different transportation system. Historical references will be given so in order to bring to the attention of the audience that e-mobility is not as new as it may sound. The main parts of an e-vehicle will be shown and their function briefly exanimated. Different architectures for EV and Hybrid vehicles will be shown and commented. Charging systems plays a key role in the word of EV, an outline of now days commercial solution will also be given.