Maria Cristina Roscia

Maria Cristina Roscia is Assistant Professor full time since 2006 at DISA, University of Bergamo, for the courses; “Electrical systems” (since 2006) and “Smart Home Automation” (since 2013) and at the Polytechnic University of Milan:”Automation of land transport systems” (2004-2015).

Member Reviewer Board for IEEE-ICHQP since 2002 and for IEEE PES General Meeting since 2008. Peer reviewer for Energy and Cities (Elsevier) since 2009. Peer reviewer for MIUR, Italy since 2013. Maria Cristina authored over sixty scientific articles in the field of Energy, Smart city, sustainable and intelligent transport, home automation.

Lecture: Smart Cities

Smart Cities will be the places where most people want to live, work, socialize. Cities become dynamics using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as the basis for the best innovative services and improved quality of life.

Smart cities will enable increased energy efficiency, integration of renewables, reduction of emissions and at the same time a social and economic transformation.Those cities that are not considering the exciting potential of Smart City transformation risk being left behind. With this lesson we want demonstrate that Smart City is not a definition but a model to apply and adapt to different energy, social and economic needs through emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).