Enrico Longato

Enrico Longato is a researcher at AREA Science Park currently working at the Observatory for Circular and Sustainable Economy, focusing on business models. He obtained a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark, with specialization in Innovation Management, and is working since more than 3 years as a freelancer in support of start-ups and university spin-off. He is specialized in the preparation of EC calls for SME, business planning, and business development activities, especially for early stage SME.

Lecture: Sustainable Business Model Design

Companies play a central role in our economic system, because of their ability to produce and deliver value, tangible and intangible. The way they do business affects tremendously their internal efficiency, costs, and survival chances. Circular Economy is the answer to the sustainability and efficiency challenges companies face, since design and implement a sustainable business is a must for ensuring a future both for profit and environment. The lesson will focus on the critical steps of the business model design, following a systemic approach.