Elena Barbera

Elena Barbera is Research Assistant at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Padova. After her graduation in Chemical and Process Engineering, she earned a PhD in Industrial engineering focusing on optimization of microalgae production for industrial applications. Her research interests focus on process simulation and techno-economic analysis of chemical and biochemical processes, including microalgae production, anaerobic digestion for biogas and biomethane, production of bio-based products, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen production.

Lecture: Hydrogen economy and the colors of hydrogen
Hydrogen is considered to play a key role as a green energy vector towards energy transition and decarbonization. But how can it be obtained? And does the way it is produced affect its actual environmental impact, compared to fossil fuels? This lecture will address the various technologies and sources (feedstock) available for hydrogen production, each one identified by a color (grey, blue, green, yellow, etc.). In addition, environmental, energetic and economic aspects related to each production route will be discussed and compared.