Congratulations! Admitted Participants 2024

The evaluation process has been completed, and the candidates admitted to the 2024 edition of the Summer School “Giacomo Ciamician” have been selected.

All applicants have been or will soon be notified by email about their admission status and if they have been assigned a fellowship (if applicable). In case you have not received the notification email, please contact us.

Admitted applicants should carefully read the instructions included in the notification email. In particular, admitted applicants must confirm their participation to the school as soon as possible, and in any case not later than Friday, May 10th, 2024 at 1:00 pm, by writing to the School secretariat (see notification email for details).

Admitted Participants (alphabetical order):

Ainger Francesca
Anelli Rocco
Bevilacqua Micol
Bidogia Leonardo
Borgosano Sofia
Bozic Matija
Cappellari Marco
Carella Alberta
Cecchia Irene
Di Martino Andrea
Drusian Eric
Fanni Canelles Stefano
Ghezzi Mariavittoria
Giacobbe Miriam
Hulak Daniil
Natale Eleonora
Pertosi Giulio
Sabbatini Gianluca
Sette Simone
Soccetti Pietro
Spadari Tommaso
Vidossi Giulia
Vodisca Francesco
Zamolo Alberto
Zuanetto Riccardo