Arturo Lorenzoni

Arturo Lorenzoni is professor of Energy Economics and Electricity Market Economics at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova, Italy. He is also Research Fellow at the Centre For Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy of Bocconi University in Milan. His scientific interests are related to the technical, economic and regulatory aspects of the energy sector and to its overall efficiency, with particular attention to the electric power system, the utilities and the development of renewable energy sources.

Lecture: The energy market

Europe opted for the introduction of competition in the energy market since 1996, when the first Directive concerning the liberalization of the access to the electricity grid was issued. The idea was that a common market for energy would have driven to the reduction of energy prices and avoided odd influences of the States in the energy policy. Since then a long way has been done and today electricity and gas sectors are fully liberalised in all 28 EU countries. Was it worth for the EU consumers? The talk will address the liberalization of the energy industry, trying to draw some hints on the real effects of this change, taking into account the deep technological changes that occurred in the last two decades.