Andrea Mio

Andrea Mio is contract professor of process simulation and dynamics of chemical processes at the University of Trieste. After his graduation in Materials and Process Engineering, he received a PhD in Nanotechnology at the University of Trieste, working on the development of a methodology for the sustainability evaluation of batch processes. His last research interests focus on the integration of innovative methodologies, such as molecular and process simulations, within the Life Cycle Assessment of chemical processes. He is actively collaborating with stakeholders in the Life Cycle Thinking sector towards the improvement of the available tools for the evaluation of product sustainability.

Lecture: Environmental impact of energy sources

Since the definition of sustainable developmentin late ’80, several tools have been proposed for the quantification of the vague concept of sustainability. Nothing was readily available at that time. Theories were under study, methodologies were under development, tools were still to be designed. After three decades we have a useful and, despite its limitations and drawbacks, powerful tool. During this lecture, we will take a peek inside the world of Life Cycle Thinking and its straightforward application through the Life Cycle Assessment methodology. At first, we will understand some basic concepts behind the overall methodology. A description of the assessment procedure will follow. Finally, we will perform a quick assessment of an everyday scenario, focusing on the impacts related to the energy behind common actions. Perhaps, if we broaden our perspectives, we will change our habits… Who knows?