Alessandro Massi Pavan

Alessandro Massi Pavan is Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Trieste. He has 20 years’ experience in the field of renewables, also working in the power industry. Among the different experiences in the private sector, he has been the head of engineering in one of the most important worldwide photovoltaic system integrator. Author of over 50 scientific publications, his current research interests include e-mobility, photovoltaics, electrical storage systems, and microgrid. He is the Coordinator of the Summer School on Energy “Giacomo Ciamician”.

Lecture: Alternative and renewable energy technologies

Alessandro will introduce the renewable technologies that today represent the way for addressing the most pressing global challenges of this century including sustainable economic and social development, poverty eradication, food production and security, health, climate protection, peace and security. An introduction to the main economic parameters involved in the installation of a power plant will also be given.

Lecture: The breakthrough of Photovoltaics

Alessandro will also introduce his vision on photovoltaics showing how this technology – that has recently reached one of the most important results in the electricity market: the realization of grid parity – represents today not only one of the keys for the clean generation of electricity but also the proof that renewables can guarantee in the future a big part of the energy that humanity will need.

Lecture: Electrical Storage Systems

With the rapid (r)evolution of the power sector from the centralized concept to the hybrid centralized-distributed one, the interest in energy storage systems is today growing exponentially. Electrochemical storage could play a pivotal role in future-low carbon electricity systems when renewables will be the main sources of electrical energy. The lecture will introduce the main applications and available technologies as well as a market perspective.

Lecture: Economic Indicators