Romeo Danielis

Romeo Danielis is professor of applied economics at the University of Trieste.  He has taught Regional Economics, Transport Economics and Logistics, Industrial Economics and Policy and Applied Microeconomics. He chaired the Italian Economics Society of Transportation and Logistics (SIET), directed the la Rivista di economia e politica dei trasporti, has been Managing Editor of the international Journal Trasporti Europei\European Transport.

Lecture: Electric cars, total cost of ownership and market prospects

I will divide the lecture into two parts. In the first part, I will discuss the issue of whether electric cars are convenient from the private and social point of view. I will present a total cost of ownership model, illustrate its main determinants and estimate when electric cars are privately or socially convenient. Starting from a simple model, I will increase the number of the variables considered, including variables related to territorial features, mobility and charging habits. I will discuss some trend scenarios and explore their implications for the total cost of ownership. In the second part, I will present international data regarding production and registration of electric cars, battery production and charging stations. I will review the production and investment strategies of the main producers and discuss the prospects for further technological advances, with special attention to the synergies between electric mobility and energy production from renewable energy sources. Finally, I will briefly review the main available policy instruments.