Maurizio Fermeglia

Maurizio Fermeglia, former Rector of the University of Trieste, is one of the founders of the School.
Full Professor of Process Engineering at the University of Trieste where he works since 1984. Former Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering & Information Technology and Director of the Ph.D. School of Nanotechnology. Professor Fermeglia’s research interest are focused on multiscale modeling for materials design and life science, phase equilibrium and applied thermodynamics, process simulation, molecular simulation, nanotechnology, nanomedicine.

Lecture: The great energy challenge

The top four emergencies in the world today are the environment, food, energy and water. And unfortunately their interrelation is very high and they cannot be tackled separately. The situation will become worst in the future due to the continuum grooving of the world’s population and the consumption of fossil fuels: by year 2050 we will need around 32 TW of energy and the question is simple: where to get it? At which cost? Fossil fuels reservoir are getting smaller and smaller every year and, what is more important, the energetic cost of the energy generation process is getting higher and higher every year. If we couple this fact with the green house effect, which is responsible of the climate changes and important social political and economical consequences, the future we are facing is not that bright.