Format and contents

The School is a five-day residential course, and covers the following topics:

  • Energy as a global issue. In a series of lectures by internationally reknown scientists, we introduce the current state of the energy system, its relationship with other global issues, and the key trends and indicators; we then identify the system’s weak points from the technical, economical, and social perspective, and outline some of the possible solutions and future scenarios – including that of the hydrogen economy.
  • Overview on renewable energy sources. This series of lectures provides an overview of some of the main renewable energy sources: photovoltaics, hydropower, wind power, geothermal, biomasses.
  • Energy efficiency. A series of practical cases of energy efficiency and energy saving opportunities are presented, at different levels of the energy supply chain.
  • Focus on photovoltaics. The case of photovoltaics is presented in detail as one of the key renewable energy technologies and a model case study; the main current and upcoming technologies and the PV systems’ engineering guidelines are described, the economics and the impact of this technology are critically presented.
  • Focus on electrical systems, storage, and transport. As the energy balance shifts towards an increase in the use of electricity, the recent and upcoming evolution of the electricity dispatching and distribution systems is described, and the corresponding enabling technologies are presented – including the key roles of the smart-grid and  storage technologies, and their relation to the changing world of transport systems with the advent of electric mobility.
  • Frontiers in energy research and special topics. Internationally renowned scientists present their frontier research on energy topics and their vision; industry experts present their experience and outlook for the future of energy.

Lectures occupy half a day, while the other half is normally dedicated to networking, discussions, working on assignments, as well as relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.


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