Summer School 2018 – An Amazing Edition!

The 2018 Summer School has truly been an amazing edition. The School founding idea is to rise awareness about the energy global challenge and what we can do about it, as well as to build a community of people able to merge skills and vision in this field. The 2018 edition perfectly fulfilled this goals.

Awareness has come through an outstanding series of lectures: the average evaluation of the lectures was 9.3/10 – congratulations instructors! And the overall evaluation of the school was a stellar 9.7/10…┬áIt’s hard to imagine a better outcome.

Also, we added a significant piece to our community thanks to an outstanding group of selected participants, with mixed backgrounds ranging from science and engineering, to economics and finance, to the social sciences… All very proactive and engaged during lectures, question time and discussions – but ready to have fun together, too: bonding activities and rather challenging hikes across the surrounding mountains have completed and spiced up this “awarenergy” experience.

Thank you to the participants and the instructors for making this such a special edition.

Info about the Edition 2019 will be made available in the upcoming Fall. Stay tuned!