Fellowships available through AEIT Milan to cover the School fees!

AEIT Milan offers fellowships to cover the cost of short schools such as the Giacomo Ciamician School on Energy.

Requirements: applicants must be enrolled in a M.S. program (preference to engineering programs) OR a recent graduate (less than 1 year); age 28 or younger; good GPA (min 27/30 or equivalent). Preference will be given to applicants enrolled in Universities in Lombardy, Italy.

Recipients of the AEIT Milan Fellowship are automatically admitted to the Summer School on Energy “Giacomo Ciamician”, and must confirm to the School organization (application@awarenergy.it) their participation to the School by June 6th, 2022.

The AEIT Milan € 800 fellowship will cover the entire School fee, and no additional payment will be due.

Deadline: May 31st, 2022. Application details here.

NOTE: Applicants to the AEIT Milan Fellowship who intend to participate to the Summer School on Energy will need to present proof of admission, or a letter from the School, as part of the application documents. In case you need any of such documents, please contact application@awarenergy.it letter, well ahead of the deadline. Prospective School participants who have already applied to the School are also welcome to apply to the AEIT Milan Fellowship.