CONGRATULATIONS Admitted 2017 Applicants!

Congratulations to the applicants admitted to the School!

Admitted applicants must confirm their participation to the school on or before Sunday, September 10th.

Admitted Participants (alphabetical order):

Ainger Kate Marion
Cusin Luca
De Bonis Enrico
El Azhary Karima
Fermeglia Matteo
Gaspardo Francesco
Gasparini Riccardo
Gruden Chiara
Iannicello Andrea
Licheri Susanna
Lugano Matteo
Palma Andrea
Pugliese Giorgia
Simonetti Paolo Matteo
Stefanelli Marco
Zemamou Mounia
Zoccolan Fabio
Zubin Nerea

All applicants have been informed by email. Admitted applicants please read the instructions that have been emailed to you.

Applicants requesting lodging at the Ex-Ospedale Militare residence ( while attending the School should state their request in their confirmation email.

Applicants who request lodging at the Ex-Ospedale Militare residence AND who qualify for the Lodging Fellowship (, should also request the fellowship in their confirmation email.

Lodging Fellowships applicants will be informed of the via email by Monday, September 11th.